New Greenlight Patch is Now Available

Greenlight Compliance Manager has just released version 1.01 and is now available for download. The patch includes new user-friendly enhancements and includes several new reports. Below is a summary of the new features that are now available to our current Greenlight Users.

New Features

  • Default Vendors Roles can now be added to the Master Address Book. The Default Role will automatically be applied to that vendor when added to a Job.
  • Added Default Job Roles to Company Contacts. The default roles will automatically be added when a Company Contact is selected as a Job Contact.
  • Vendor Contacts from the Master Address Book will now be copied when setting up a Vendor from the Commitment Grid.
  • Added Expiration Threshold settings to company record for license and continuing education expiration tracking.
  • Added “Status” field to company license allowing active and inactive statuses for a license to control whether it should be checked for compliance.
  • Added Expiring Licenses to Job dashboard for all vendors on the job.

New Reports

  • Awaiting Approval – (Modified Report adding queued date and follow-up date).
  • Job List – Complete Operations.
  • Email Queued List.
  • Sent Email List.
  • Vendor Contractor License by vendor report.
  • Vendor Contractor License Expiring by vendor.
  • Vendor Contractor Licenses Expired by vendor.
  • Vendor Notes.

Please contact your Greenlight Representative to receive Greenlight Compliance Manager 1.01!