Greenlight Releases New Lien Waiver Tracking Module

Greenlight Compliance Solutions released its long-awaited Lien Waiver Tracking module on July 14, 2014. The new module is another step towards providing a comprehensive compliance tracking system for subcontractors and suppliers. The new module takes advantage of many of the existing features already existing in the Greenlight Compliance Manager.

Tracking lien waivers is one of the most time-consuming compliance tasks a contractor must deal with daily. Manual tracking using spreadsheets and binders is the most common practice in the industry today. This process is prone to mistakes and takes an excessive amount of time to determine what is outstanding or missing, which can lead to delays in receiving contract payments.

Greenlight’s Lien Waiver tracking will significantly reduce the time spent tracking and recording waivers and provides dashboards to quickly determine outstanding waivers at the prime and /or tier level. The module supports multiple workflows to incorporate into your business processes easily.