Greenlight Released Version 4.0 in January 2019

Version 4.0 is now available!

Insurance Tracking

  • All Operations Subcontractors can now be tracked on jobs using their All Operations Insurance Record. If the subcontractor’s or vendor’s insurance is out of compliance with their All Operations Record, it will update their job compliance standing.
  • New Insurance Update/Match Feature. Users can update insurance records by copying over subcontractor insurance data recorded on other job records.
  • Insurance Templates can now be set to import to new jobs automatically. Users will no longer have to select insurance templates for a new job.
  • Sage 100 Insurance Update. Greenlight can now create/update insurance records in Sage 100.
  • Created a new automated email service for providing warnings when Commitments are about to begin but the subcontractor is missing insurance.

Lien Wavier Tracking

  • Added the ability to select multiple signed lien waiver documents and email signed waivers to project owners, general contractor or company contacts in a signal email.
  • Added a new Microsoft Word Document generator to the software. Greenlight can generate Microsoft Word lien waivers without having to have Microsoft Word installed on the server or workstations.
  • Added a new Word Lien Waiver Merge Fields.


  • Added Start Date to the Commitment Screen.
  • Added Commitment Retainage Summary field to the available fields for Lien Waiver Templates.

 Subcontractor Portal

  • Subcontractors/Insurance Agents can now enter insurance certificate data on the Vendor Portal. The insurance data will sync back to the Greenlight Client.
  • Added a new Claimant Name Field to the lien waiver signature dialog box.