How to Spend Less Time and Effort on Vendor Compliance

by | Dec 5, 2019

We understand the multiple workflows and processes required to maintain a centralized compliance program for your vendors. Many companies end up spending more time than they would like trying to maintain compliance status. We want to help make your compliance tracking processes quick, simple and painless.

Easy-to-Maintain Lien Waivers

Perhaps the most time-consuming aspect of vendor compliance is managing the vast amount of lien waivers that your company issues and receives on a daily basis. Our software integrates with most of the leading construction accounting packages to automate the entire process. Using our easily-comprehensible software, see the status of your waivers at a glance.

 Learn more about lien waiver tracking here.


Centralized Insurance Tracking

Maintaining vendor documentation of your insurance requirements becomes extremely important when your vendor causes damage to your job site. Without the proper coverage, required endorsements and effective dates, your company is at risk and could be liable for all damages. Our software is proactive and alerts all participants when insurance requirements are not compliant.

Learn more about insurance tracking here


Contractor License Tracking

Do your subcontractors have valid and current licenses to perform the work you contacted them for? With our system, we will automatically alert you if there are no valid licenses on file or expired licenses. Our goal is to save you from the potential liability of using unlicensed subcontractors.

Learn more about insurance tracking here


Easily Manage Certified Payroll

Our Certified Payroll Module manages the collection of your sub-contractors’ certified payroll reports based on your specific criteria to ensure timely payment for each of your jobs.

Learn more about insurance tracking here


Revolutionized Vendor Management

Using our Vendor Portal, you and your vendors can easily process documents and view compliance statuses. To see the extent of the services provided with our vendor portal, click here

Our mission is to help your construction company take the hassle out of compliance management. Spend less time tracking papers and spend more time doing what you’re good at. 

Request a free demo of our software and change the way you view compliance management! Welcome to stress-free compliance management with Greenlight Compliance Solutions.