Greenlight Compliance Solutions

Greenlight Compliance Solutions is pleased to announce the release of version 2020.0.0.0 Email to schedule your upgrade today!

Click on the link below to read the version 2020.0.0.0 Documentation Guide.

Release 2020.0.0.0 Documentation Guide

Bug Fixes/Minor Enhancements

1) Filtered out closed jobs from Generate Lien Waivers Job Selection Screen. When generating Lien Waivers using the Mass Waiver Generator Tool, the Job Pull-Down list was displaying all Pending, Active, Completed Operations, and Closed Jobs. Greenlight will now only be showing Active Jobs from the Pull-Down Job menu.

2) Added additional parameters to restrict to active jobs for Accounting Insurance Update Job. Allows users to the Accounting Insurance Update Signal Job to only update All Operations and commitment insurance compliance tracking for commitments on Active Jobs.

3) Increase in Job Name field size. Users were receiving an error when the Job Description was over 100 characters. The Job Description field now allows for 200 characters.

4) Signal Service will clear out Log Files that are older than 72 hours, preventing memory loss when loading the Log Screen from a Signal Service Job.

5) Users can now filter out Vendors that have received a Final Waiver when creating Lien Waivers using the AP Invoice feature.

6) Added NA (Not Applicable) to Insurance Ratings if the User needs to turn off the rating tracking for individual Insurance Templates.

7) Fixed Error when Importing Contacts from Accounting System.

8) Fixed issues with Compliance Checking Service for All Operations Vendors.

Major Application Enhancements

1) Lien Waiver Portal Queue

The Portal Lien Waiver Work Queue allows users to view any Lien Waivers that were either Electronically Signed or uploaded through the Vendor Portal. This allows users to quickly view and verify the waiver document before accepting the document and Received Date within the Greenlight Application. If the Waiver was not properly uploaded, missing a signature or they used the incorrect form, the users can decline the documents and reset the Lien Waiver Record for the Vendor to sign or upload

2) Lien Waiver AP Invoice Reset

The Lien Waiver AP Invoice Import feature allows users to import invoices and check data from their Accounting Software to create waivers. Once the check and invoice data has been used to generate a Waiver Record, the Application will store the data and prevent the same check/invoice data from populating in future AP Invoice imports. If you need to reset the check/invoice data, you can use the Invoice Reset feature to reset any used check data for future use. This section will review how to manage imported Lien Waiver Invoice data from the Accounting System.

3) Portal Lien Waiver and Insurance Access Codes

Insurance and Lien Waiver Portal Access Codes are designed to allow Vendors to access the Portal without having to register an account. The Access Codes will enable a Vendor only to upload insurance and lien waiver documents. If you want the Vendor to update their Insurance Data or Electronically Sign Waivers, then they will need to create a Portal User Account to verify their identity. The Access Codes were created to help streamline Vendors with uploading insurance certificates and signed lien waivers through their Vendor Portal. Vendors will still be able to upload signed lien waivers for any of their suppliers/tiers vendors when using the Lien Waiver Access Code. This section will review how to Generate and insert Access Codes in the Email Template.