As a nationwide restoration contractor, we are faced with managing literally thousands of subcontractors. Compliance was always an issue and one of our biggest liabilities. With the tracking Greenlight provides and the flexibility with the implementation, we have achieved a much higher percentage of compliant subcontractors and has helped eased everyone's mind.

The flip side of Greenlight is the ability to track our own licenses and other time sensitive registrations. Managing the annual registrations with the states to do business as well as keeping up with CPE and testing requirements is as easy as can be with Greenlight and has dramatically reduced the amount of labor time we put into this easily overlooked but immeasurably crucial part of the business.

Jeff Dorner

Controller American Technologies Inc.

Greenlight helps control the increasingly complicated and time consuming process of managing the risks related to subcontractor insurance.  It makes tracking certificates of insurance more efficient by using automation and rules checking while proactively facilitating communication to all stakeholders. Information and copies of documents are available with a click, including integration with our accounting software. 

This frees up time for more evaluative functions related to COI language and endorsements.
Overall, it is a great, cost effective tool for managing this aspect of risk.

Connie Marschke

CFO VJS Construction Services, Inc.

Greenlight software simplifies the task of tracking insurance compliance. What used to take hours of tracking in spreadsheets with follow up phone calls and emails has been reduced to simply managing the process. We have seen significant improvement in compliance delays from our Subcontractors through the automated Greenlight software. EWA Software Solutions has hit a home-run with Greenlight!

Brianne Minarsich-Hansen

Controller Quest Ventures Southwest

As a General Contractor it is very challenging and takes an extraordinary amount of time tracking subcontractor compliance.  Prior to finding Greenlight we had a custom solution built for us that worked well, but still didn’t quite have everything we needed.

We knew from the moment we learned about Greenlight Compliance Manager that this was the solution we’d been looking for.  Greenlight has literally cut down the time spent tracking compliance in half.  The sophisticated notification system is just one of the many great features we love about this software.  With Greenlight we definitely see quicker response times from subcontractors who are not in compliance which results in quick payment turnaround.

Other great features of Greenlight include user friendly interface, integration with our accounting program, useful reports for the construction team and accounting.

The team at Greenlight Compliance Solutions are great to work with and we look forward to future software solutions for the construction industry.

Sylvia Lamas

Controller Wells Construction, Inc.

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