Meet the most comprehensive compliance software on the market.

Greenlight delivers a proactive approach toward risk management, giving users the power to track, respond and document all phases of the compliance procedure.

30 Years in the Making

Greenlight Compliance Solutions was developed in response to the complicated compliance process our founders experienced during their 30 years in the construction industry. Our team of consultants and programmers sought to develop an all-in-one, easy-to-use and affordable software to simplify the time-consuming, error-prone procedure. Thus, Greenlight was born! What started as an insurance tracking system to alleviate our pain turned into a multi-faceted solution for construction companies across the nation.


Our Clients

Concrete Contractors

Largo Concrete
Pacific Southwest Structures, Inc.

Design/Build Contractors

ETC Building and Design, Inc.

Mechanical Contractors

Atlas Mechanical, Inc.
Brian Cox Mechanical
Control Air Corporation

General Contractors

Anvil Builders
Baston-Cook Company
Brad Cole Construction
CDG Builders
Clarke/Sullivan Constructors
Del Amo Construction
Halbert Construction
Harper Construction
MTM Builders, Inc.
Lamon Construction
Pacific Building Group
Seidel Construction
TRC Companies
Tri-North Builders
VJS Construction Services
Wells Construction

Property Management/Developers

Cortland Partners
Warmington Properties
Woodbridge Pacific Group
Sussex Development
Van Daele Homes

Utility Contractors

A.M. Ortega Construction, Inc.
Boudreau Pipeline


Quest Ventures Southwest

Real-Life Success Stories

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