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January 07, 2019
Greenlight to release version 4.0 January 2019

 Version 4.0 is now available!

Insurance Tracking

–  All Operations Subcontractors can now be tracked on Jobs using their All Operations insurance record. If the subcontractor’s or vendor’s insurance is out of compliance on their All Operations record, it will update their Job compliance standing.

–  New Insurance Update/Match Feature.  Users can update insurance records by copying over subcontractor insurance data recorded on other job records.

– Insurance Templates can now be set to automatically import to new jobs.  Users will no longer have to select insurance templates for a new job.

– Sage 100 Insurance Update.  Greenlight can now create/update insurance records in Sage 100.

– Created new automated email service for providing warnings when Commitments are about to begin but the subcontractor is missing insurance.

Lien Wavier Tracking

 – Added the ability to select multiple signed lien waiver documents and email signed waivers to project Owners, General Contractor or Company contacts in a signal email.

–  Added new Microsoft Word Document generator to the software.  Greenlight can generate Microsoft Word lien waivers without having to have Microsoft Word installed on the server or workstations.

– Added new Word Lien Waiver Merge Fields.


– Added Start Date to the Commitment Screen.

– Added Commitment Retainage Summary field to the available fields for Lien Waiver Templates.


Subcontractor Portal

– Subcontractors/Insurance Agents can now enter insurance certificate data on the Vendor Portal.  The insurance data will sync back to the Greenlight Client.

– Added a new Claimant Name Field to the lien waiver signature dialog box.

January 2017 Release Highlights:

  • Ability to update (push) key insurance fields from Greenlight to your accounting system.
  • Download joint payee check information to automatically generate lien waivers.
  • Add additional compliance tracking to user defined insurance types.

March 2017 Release Highlights:

  • Our new alliance with Paperless Environments will allow Paperless users the ability to have compliance warnings during AP invoice entry and check review come from Greenlight.
  • Adding ability to setup unlimited user defined compliance items.
  • Track insurance incidents by vendor and/or by vendor and job
  • Expand ability to send reports and correspondence to company and vendor contacts.
  • New vendor portal for uploading and downloading lien waivers. Users will have ability to send lien waivers to the portal from Greenlight for vendor signatures. Vendors will receive an email with link to login to the portal to digitally sign their waivers. Completed waiver forms will automatically be download to update received dates and documents. More details on the portal will be announced in early 2017.

Fall 2017 Release Highlights:

  • Add insurance certificates to our new web portal for submitting and downloading to Greenlight.
  • Ability to send insurance compliance warnings via text messaging.
  • Paperless Environment users will have option to store images such as insurance certificates and lien waivers in Paperless with links back to Greenlight.

July 29, 2014

Greenlight Releases new Lien Waiver Tracking Module.

Greenlight Compliance Solutions released their long awaited Lien Waiver Tracking module on July 14, 2014. The new module is another step towards providing a comprehensive compliance tracking system for subcontractors and suppliers. The new module takes advantage of many of the existing features already existing in Greenlight Compliance Manager.

Tracking lien waivers is one of the most time consuming compliance tasks a contractor must deal with on a daily basis. Manual tracking using spreadsheets and binders is the most common practice in the industry today. This process is prone to mistakes and takes an inordinate amount of time to determine what is outstanding or missing which can lead to delays in receiving contract payments.

Greenlight’s Lien Waiver tracking will significantly reduce the time spent tracking and recording waivers and provides dashboards to quickly determine outstanding waivers at the prime and /or tier level. The module supports multiple workflows to easily incorporate into your business processes.

April 2, 2014
New Greenlight Patch 1.03 is Now Available

Greenlight Compliance Manager has just released version 1.03 and is now available for download. The 1.03 Patch includes a brand new service that allows users to schedule weekly or daily emails to be automatically sent to Approval Managers, displaying Subcontractors who have been flagged for approval. Below is a list of fixes and features found in version 1.03.

New Features and Fixes:

  • Created Signal Job to distribute the Awaiting Approval Report
  • Enabled the county field on Job records
  • Corrected problem when multiple attachments with the same description were causing emails to get hung in queue
    Corrected slowness on removing all operations vendors when there is high volume
  • Added Summary Compliance Report and Hot List Summarized Reports

Please contact your Greenlight Representative to receive Greenlight Compliance Manager 1.03!

March 4, 2014
New Greenlight Patch is Now Available

Greenlight Compliance Manager has just released version 1.01 and is now available for download. The patch includes new user-friendly enhancements and includes several new reports. Below is a summary of the new features that are now available to our current Greenlight Users.

New Features:

  • Default Vendors Roles can now be added to the Master Address Book. The Default Role will automatically be applied to that vendor when added to a Job.
  • Added Default Job Roles to Company Contacts. The default roles will automatically be added when a Company Contact is selected as a Job Contact.
  • Vendor Contacts from the Master Address Book will now be copied when setting up a Vendor from the Commitment Grid.
  • Added Expiration Threshold settings to Company record for License and Continuing Education Expiration tracking.
  • Added “Status” field to company license allowing Active and Inactive statuses for a license to control whether it should be checked for compliance.
  • Added Expiring Licenses to Job dashboard for all vendors on the job.

New Reports:

  • Awaiting Approval – (Modified Report adding Queued Date and Follow up date
  • Job List – Complete Operations
  • Email Queued List
  • Sent Email List
  • Vendor Contractor License By Vendor Report
  • Vendor Contractor License Expiring By Vendor
  • Vendor Contractor Licenses Expired By Vendor
  • Vendor Notes

Please contact your Greenlight Representative to receive Greenlight Compliance Manager 1.01!

Vendors License Expiration Reports


Greenlight Compliance Solutions took part in the annual MCRD Boot Camp Challenge this past September and was a proud sponsor for the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) team.

The MCRD Boot Champ Challenge is a 3 mile obstacle course run that gives civilians a taste of the Marine Corp. Participants underwent a fun but challenging race that featured rope crawls, scaling walls, haystacks, crawling through pipes, climbing over logs, and being “encouraged” by some of MCRD finest Drill Instructors. All the proceeds from the race go to the Wounded Warriors Homes project.

For the second year in a row, AGC was a major corporate sponsor and was able to assemble over 53 companies including Greenlight Compliance Solutions to partake in the great cause. Overall team AGC had over 300 participants and raised over $12,000 for the Wounded Warrior Homes Project!

Greenlight Compliance Solutions would like to thank AGC for sponsoring the event and allowing us to be part of this wonderful cause. We look forward to next year’s Boot Camp Challenge and the chance to raise money for our military heroes.

November 21, 2013

New San Diego CFMA Officers
By: Mandy Irvine, 11/21/2013 3:24:24 PM

Welcome Lynn Hanson of Good and Roberts, LLC and Tanner Evenrud of EWA Software Solutions to the San Diego Board of Directors!

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