Insurance Tracking

Greenlight Compliance Manager’s Insurance Tracking module has been designed to automate the paper intensive process of gathering and monitoring insurance certificates and endorsements in one central location. Integration with your accounting system eliminates duplicate entry of information for jobs, vendors and subcontracts. We understand that insurance tracking is much more than keeping track of expiration dates. Our insurance templates insure that each certificate complies with your requirements and exceptions our easily identified by the system.


When exceptions occur, our email and reporting system streamlines the communication process with your vendors and their agents by providing the information they need to comply with your requirements.




Dashboards Benefits:

  • Navigation Tree uses a hierarchal tier structure to organize jobs, prime subcontractors and their associated tiers.
  • Compliance symbols make it easy to identify non-complaint vendors.
  • Multiple-level dashboards that provide detailed information on compliance statuses.
  • Dynamic hyperlinks allow users to quickly navigate to the vendor records needing attention.
  • Job and Vendor level Activity Logs provide an audit trail for all communications, notes and changes made to vendors insurance.
  • Store and retrieve important documents pertaining to any Company, Job or Vendor.
  • Task-level security and Vendor Approval System.
  • Ability to track multiple companies and unlimited tier structures.

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