Greenlight Compliance Manager’s Lien Waiver Tracking Module automates one of the most time consuming compliance tasks contractors must deal with on a daily basis. Spreadsheets and three ring binders are the most commonly used tools today to log issued and received waivers. This outdated process is cumbersome, prone to making mistakes and difficult to quickly determine outstanding waivers. 




Your time is valuable and your projected cash flows rely on timely receipt of customer draws which are many times held up due to missing waivers.

Greenlight’s lien waiver tracking module was designed to eliminate spreadsheets and binders and significantly reduce the time spent managing the waiver process. Our system allows multiple workflows ranging from recording waivers as received to generating and emailing and/or printing the waivers for prime and all tier levels.

Greenlight Compliance: Lien Waiver Tracking

Tracking waivers at our company has always been a full time job. Since switching to Greenlight Compliance Manager to track waivers we have cut our time in half. I especially love the ability to see Outstanding Waivers by Job or Subcontractor/Vendor. We were never able to get that level of information in the past.

Sylvia Lamas, Controller

Wells Construction, Inc.

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