Paperless Environments With Greenlight Compliance Manager


 Greenlight Compliance is teaming up with Paperless Environments to bring proactive compliance tracking to the paperless workflow environment.  Paperless Environment’s APFlow™ Module allows users to scan and process invoices for approval, eliminating the painful task of manual invoice entry.  APFlow™  also delivers a check review process that helps check signers electronically view invoices and related documents for each check. 

APFlow™ can now take advantage of Greenlight Compliance Manager’s subcontractor tracking features.  During invoice processing and check review, APFlow™ users can set Greenlight Compliance warnings and alerts during the review process.  Allowing users to see real-time subcontractor and tier/suppliers compliance issues before approving and routing invoices.  Also, a check signer can quickly see if there are any outstanding compliance issues during the check review.  No more running multiple compliance reports or trying to crossreference with other departments.  Invoice and check reviewers will receive real-time compliance issues, saving time and frustration.

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