Greenlight Compliance Manager’s vendor portal provides a centralized communication center between you and your vendors. The portal provides for uploading and downloading documents, electronically sign lien waivers (optional), updating insurance details and viewing compliance statuses for the prime vendor and their tiers. The portal’s paperless workflows eliminate duplicate entries, managing emails, scanning documents and provides seamless integration with most ERP systems.


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Insurance Benefits:

  • Vendors can upload insurance certificates for processing to a central location.
  • Option available to have vendor or agent enter insurance details for processing.
  • Eliminates scanning and managing emails.
  • Dashboard allows vendors to view current status by job and/or all operations.
  • Certificates automatically downloaded for processing.

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Lien Waiver Benefits:

  • Integration with most ERP systems to download required waivers
  • Lien waivers automatically uploaded to portal for electronic signature or can be downloaded
  • Emails alert vendors that they have lien waivers to process
  • Secure electronic signatures used to sign waivers (Optional)
  • Prime vendors can download and upload waivers for their tiers
  • Joint checks are linked to the prime vendor

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» Vendor Portal Subscription Pricing*

1-10 Jobs $10/Job Per Month
11-20 Jobs $8/Job Per Month
Over 20 Jobs $8/Job Per Month
* Based on number of Active Jobs in a 30 Day Cycle

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